Accepting Our Faults- The Orange Rhino Challenge

It is so easy to get caught up in our daily lives, our behaviors auto piloted by our inner monologues.

Often these voices tend to creep in self- doubt and guilt about past experiences- telling us how we “will” react to similar situations in the future.   Change it up.  Use your past to change your present.  Accepting our past mistakes choices as past and using them as tools for future choices only gets easier as you go.

Being mindful of your reactions- while you are in a situation- gives you the opportunity to turn it around.

What I am challenging myself (and YOU) to is a fun way of working it out.

I tend to be a yeller.  I mean, I am a lover- but when I get pumped up (quickly) I can be a yeller.  I really hate dislike that.  Much worse in previous years, I still find myself yelling or on the verge of yelling now and then.  If you haven’t seen me yell- lucky you.

So when I came across “Yell Less, Love More“, when I was at the library with Natalie- I thought why not?  Always up for a new book and a new challenge.

A little tougher than you may think?  And I don’t go around yelling all day- promise.  There are rules!

With levels of 0-7 for voice (acceptable is 0-3), including family to hold you accountable, or tips- one of my faves: “Listen to what they have to say; Observe the surroundings (time, temperature, day, facial expressions); Verify why they are upset; Empathize.” The Orange Rhino is full of ways to help make changes in the way we speak to our children.  This could also be applied to our families, friends, co-workers, anyone.

“Always treat others as you want others to treat you” – The Golden Rule

I am on day 25 out of 30.  I re-set a few times (if you yell, you start over).  When I make it to 30- I plan on seeing if I can make it to 365.

I think that the tools found in the Orange Rhino Challenge would be great for anyone who wants to work not only on yelling, but also taking time in our own moments, to be aware of how we react-to take our time and slow down.

Think about it- if snapping when you are angry will help distract you from yelling, couldn’t the same idea apply when we are feeling our brain drift into undesired territory. Snapping ourselves out if it! haha

My practice of meditation at home as well as yoga, walks outside, and (now) Spring gardening help with grounding and focus- The tips (like snapping, random acts of kindness) are found each day out of 30- along with Facebook groups, etc.  accountability the whole way.

If you are interested in the challenge check out The Orange Rhino.


Love, Whit

PS:  A great venting session with friends every now and then or a scream into a pillow or cupboard can’t hurt either.

Peace, Health, & Happiness

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