Meal Plan Monday

Making a list at the beginning of each week of what you plan on eating, along with the ingredients you need will help save time and money.

Here’s an example of the fresh list for the week:

Bok Choy (2 small, or one large)

Kale (1)

Broccoli (1 head, or bunch of baby)

Asparagus (1 bunch)

Red Leaf Lettuce (2)

Green Onion (bunch)

Carrots (bunch)

Sweet White Onion
(2) or a bag

Tomato (4/6)





Pomegranate (1)

Grapefruit (2)

Kiwi (2)*

Bananas (5/6)

Apples (4) or a bag

**if in season/lookin’ good

We use these all week long in various breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.  I also use organic, cage free eggs, along with almond milk, some  organic whole milk for Natalie, along with other nuts, spices, fresh herbs, etc.  I love goat’s milk feta. I believe in real food.

We typically have meat or chicken twice a month, along with occasional fish too.  We primarily enjoy vegetarian meals; along with avoiding as many processed foods as we can.

Also, we check inventory of these- we do not buy them each and every week.  Most of these items will usually fare well in7-10  days, so  if you do your shopping once a week or twice a week you can always fill in what’s missing.

Understandable that we can’t eat perfectly all the time.  But being mindful of what we eat everyday, makes us more aware even when eating out, of our choices.  This gives us more opportunity to “crowd out” the items we want to eliminate or cut back.

No one diet works for everyone.  Making smarter choices about what we eat helps us help ourselves. So it’s not that we have to give up so many things, but add in other “new” items or alternatives too.  Setting out with a game plan at the beginning of the week makes these choices easier.

Take a peek at one of the print outs I like to use:


Good Luck!


Love, Whit  



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